Convolutions with cuDNN

Implementing computer vision's most crucial operation with NVIDIA's cuDNN library

Exploring K-Means in Python, C++ and CUDA

Implementations of K-Means in three different environments

My Facebook Internship

Living the wonders of the Facelife

A Sweeping Tour of TensorFlow

A ten minute read to get you up to scratch on the TensorFlow API

A Mathematical Thought on Learning

What differentiates a strong learner from a weak learner?

Emitting Diagnostics in Clang

I explain thow to plug into the available infrastructure for diagnostics and fixit hints for custom clang tools.

My Google Internship

Thoughts on my experiences, insights, hardships and successes at Google.

Disassembling Python Bytecode

Insight into Python bytecode disassembly with the dis module.