TL;DR: I’m Peter and I like to make things with code.

Me again.

I’m Peter, 19, and out to tackle challenges that leave an impact on the community and solve real problems.

While I have experience across the entire tech stack, from low level kernel and systems programming all the way to building web apps, my interests and skills today lie mostly on a spectrum with engineering on the one end and machine learning research on the other end. I enjoy building solid, low level and distributed infrastructure in C, C++ and Python (and have a knack for compilers) and at the same time am fascinated by recent advances in deep learning, especially reinforcement learning.

I finished my first year of university in the top 5% of my class. After that I figured I’d get some industry experience, so I’m now on a gap year doing internships at Google, Bloomberg, Facebook and an AI startup.

I live on GitHub and publish tutorials and thoughts right here, on my blog. You might also catch me giving a talk at a conference somewhere around the world, on topics ranging from Deep Learning with TensorFlow to building C++ tools with LLVM and clang.

In the future, I see myself mostly doing machine learning and fixing the world.