Hi! I’m Peter. I grew up in a small town in Austria and I’ve always liked building things. I studied Computer Science at TU Munich, then went on an adventure and did internships at Google, Bloomberg, Facebook and an AI startup. I also spent three months at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard doing research on machine learning for cell biology. I’m now back at Facebook helping make the world more open and connected.

I think the world and our society is broken in many ways and has far too many inefficiencies. I’m excited to be learning things and working on problems that will help change that.

I also like taking the path less traveled by. I like being far away from the mean of normal distributions. I like being curious and asking questions. I like questioning defaults and being skeptical about what we accept as norms, if those norms limit our potential and increase the distance between what is and what should be. I like changing definitions. I like tearing down walls. I like breaking down what is old to make space for what is new. I like proving that hard work overcomes all obstacles.